Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sketch Dump #4 continued....

Sketch Dump #4-From small and medium sized sketchbooks-continued.....

Sketch Dump #4-From small and medium sized sketchbooks

These sketches are from various sources. Some are from life, some are from various books, others are from various sites on the internet, including wetcanvas.com. The sketchbook sizes range from 31/2 x 51/2 to 51/2 x 81/2 inches. The work spans several months of sketching. There will be more sketches uploaded tomorrow.

An Antelope and Some boats in a harbor

I know, four months is far too long to go without posting. So, to everyone who has been asking for updates, here are some, with more to come tomorrow. The first image is a pen and ink of an antelope known as Gunther's dik dik. It's called a dik dik because of the sound it makes when it runs, if I remember correctly. It's based off a photo I took at the Dallas zoo. It's created using a 3x0 rapidograph for the whole piece. The second piece is also from a photo I took while in Alexandria, Va., of the harbor there. It is watercolor.