Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here's two finished pieces. They are both pen and ink, done with a rapdiograph technical pen. The images are drawn from my personal reference photos. The drawings are both of people and things in New Orleans. One is of an old fashioned candy wagon, and the other is a woman getting her body painted. I apologize for the blurred images....my digital camera is a piece of crap. These were the best images I could get.

More sketches from the same series-using the Wetcanvas reference photos.

These first posts are all fountain pen and watercolor sketches. The reference images for these sketches comes from a site call www.wetcanvas.com. If you don't know what Wetcanvas is, it's a great website for artists that includes art instruction, forums, and a reference image library all for free. Just sign up for their membership. I hope to get out to do some drawing from life very soon, but it has been rainy here, and this is what I produced.
Welcome to my blog everyone. This blog is of sketches and finished artwork. All art is copyrighted by the artist. I hope you all enjoy looking at my art. Feel free to comment, and thank you for taking the time to look.